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About Us

Our barbecue at Adana Grillhaus in Kreuzberg has been burning for more than 30 years to offer you legendary tastes.

Before the Adana Grillhaus had settled in Kreuzberg with Swabian conscientious objectors and Turkish migrant workers, there was a butcher shop in that place. The processing of meat has therefore played an important role in Manteuffelstr. 86.

Our goal is to combine the Turkish cooking kitchen with the “Kreuzberg flair”. The Adana Grillhaus is the perfect place to enjoy great meals with friends. With us each guest should feel comfortable, since we cultivate a family relationship among each other and to our guests. We hope to see you soon in our restaurants. Best regards

Adana Grillhaus team


grilled delicious

We are at the place where pleasant conversations are mixed with the sounds of cutlery and you will have pleasant conversations with nice friends.


kebab, appetizers
and more

We equip your table with unique grilled delicacies by combining carefully selected meats with skillful hands.


the indispensable
of the grill

Night, day...
We are partners in your troubles and your joy.
You are always welcome

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